Monday, June 25, 2012

The Naked Foot 5K

On Sunday Becky and I took off to Maryland for the Naked Foot 5K.  It was a celebration of the barefoot running movement.  Becky and I both decided to keep our shoes on for this race, but it was great seeing all of the barefoot runners.  You have to have some tough feet to run naked.

As you may recall..I could not remember if I registered for the run or not.  Turns out I was right..I did not register.  I believe I did buy the shwaggle for $17 but I didn't do the next step which was to register for the race and use the shwaggle coupon.  But no problem I ran with Megan's bib since she wasn't able to.  And really it would have been no problem registering the day of the event either. 

The Naked Foot was a very family fun race.  There was no timing the run.  It was just enjoy yourself and run.  I loved seeing all of the kids running (many running sans shoes). 

Becky loves her shirt!

Can't wait to wear this shirt to run club on Tuesday.
The course was well marked and we got to run through grass, pavement, gravel and some wooded paths around Rock Creek Park.  I don't know if I would have liked running on the gravel and through the woods barefooted, but some didn't seem to mind.  Some runners also got piggy back rides over the gravel parts from their shoe'd friends. 

It was a great run and lucky for Becky she was the winner of one of the door prizes (you know how I love a good door prize drawing)!  She won a Road ID bracelet.  Way to go Becky!

 It was a hot day, but a great run! 

Today Becky and I met up at Burke Lake to run the 4.5 mile loop around the lake.  It was perfect weather..some rain was moving in, so it was a bit cloudy.  When it rained a bit we were protected from the rain by all of the trees.  It is always a fun time running with friends.

Two days of running in a row..guess that means I have some half marathon training to do this summer! :)


Crystal said...

That is one of the best race shirts I've seen!!!!

Running Librarian said...

Crystal that was the reason to sign up for the race lol Becky and I got some stares at run club last night for our shirts too :)

N.D. said...

love the shirt!

bobbi said...

that shirt rules :)

great job!

Lindsay said...

awesome shirt! glad you both enjoyed the race.