Friday, June 1, 2012

Birthday is never too early to plan

So since I'm a half fanatic #2430..(did I mention that previously?? ) I was looking at their race calendar and found a race that takes place during my birthday weekend..and it is at the beach.  My birthday is in February so I don't normally say beach and birthday in the same sentence.  Should I do a half for my 38th birthday?  38...ugh..that sounds close to far from my 20's..

The crayon girl is part of the bday party
So the race is the Dasani Half Marathon which is part of the Myrtle Beach Marathon.  Last February we ran the Love the Run Your With 5K and there were some friends celebrating a friend's birthday by running.  Now I know a half marathon is a bit different than a 5K..but I think it might sound like fun.  I also am pretty sure it is a long weekend thanks to President's day.  I have some time to work through my possible birthday run. 

Has anyone ran a birthday run before?  If so what run did you celebrate with?


Kristin said...

A few years ago I did a 5K on my birthday and got my sister to do it too (a one-time event). Last year I did a 10K and Half Marathon the weekend immediately following my birthday...this year my birthday falls on a Sunday so I am doing the Mud and Chocolate Trail Half Marathon in Redmond, WA. And if you think 38 sounds old, try being on the wrong side of 45! :)

Crystal said...

My first half marathon was on my 31st birthday. It was great! What was even cooler was I had my phone in my spibelt and every time it dinged, it was someone wishing me happy birthday on fb or text and that made me happy while running.