Thursday, September 13, 2012

Air Force/ Navy Half Marathon coming up

This weekend I will be running the Air Force/Navy Half Marathon in DC.  It is an inaugural run, which I am always a fan.  No real running goals but to run and have fun.  It should be a nice morning for a run.  I would love to run a 2:45 but really I am just going to be happy to finish.  I really haven't ran much this week, so we will see how Sunday goes. 

Its funny, the Army 10 miler is a month away and I think I have gotten at least 3 or 4 emails this month and the Air Force/Navy Half is this weekend and I have gotten zero emails.  I hope it is still on.  I was supposed to show my confirmation email at the gate to enter the base to pick up my bib, but I do not have any email from them.  So I hope my name listed in the Washington Running Report will work. 

After the race I have to head to my car and go pick up the parents from Baltimore.  They are getting in from a cruise in the morning and will be waiting for me to run as quick as a bunny and then pick them up.  So no french toast brunch for this girl after the race. 

How has your running week been?


~*Kimmy*~ said...

Good luck Sunday! My first half is goal is to finish.

Running Librarian said...

Thanks Kimmy..Good luck on your half tomorrow too!

Anonymous said...

You were amazing today and pre-race day French toast was a great solution. Yay, you for your great run and for finding the best French toast in town!