Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day and a PR!

Hope everyone is having a great Veteran's Day!  Thank you to all who have served and currently serving! 

*Update*  My gym did not move.  I thought it did move, that is why I have not visited it since forever, but turns out they did not move. Who would have thought that the gym would be in the exact same location that it was 6 plus months ago!  lol   I also went to the gym two days in a row last week.  :)  I will continue to head over to the gym more often since I now know where it is located

Today I ran a Veteran's Day 10K with Megan, Glen and Lee (new guy at run club).  I realized I hate running this time of year.  I can never tell what type of clothes to wear.  I did notice when we were trying to park that people either looked like they were running in the summer or waiting for the snow to fall.  I dressed for 40 degree weather in the morning when I left..when we go there I soon realized that it was going to be closer to 50 while we were running.  Yeah I should have worn a short sleeve shirt.  Turned out my half zip wasn't too bad to run in, but I would have liked my short sleeved better. I figure this running weather out before the snow falls. 

The 10K took us through Haines Point which is the horrible lonely part of the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.  So Megan and I knew what we were going to see on this run.  Very flat and not a lot of people.  We got there just in time to bag check and jump in line to start running.  I tried to jump in towards the back since I am a slowpoke and didn't want to try to keep up with the pack, but run my own run.  Turns out I made a wise decision.  I felt pretty good running considering I really didn't run much in October.  I bet those two days at the gym really helped me with my stamina ;)  I kept my own pace and felt really good.  I hit my 5K point faster than I have been lately, so I was pretty happy and was hoping I could keep it up to the 5 mile mark.  At the 5 mile mark I was ahead of my normal 5 miles.  Yes!  On to the finish..I knocked off 6 miles from my 10K time!!  Yeah me!!  So happy! Love a PR! 

After we met up with Gary to get our picture for run club.  He was running the 10K but we didn't have a chance to meet up before the race because of the bag check line. 

After the run we headed over to enjoy some yummy french toast.  A race would not be complete without a plate of french toast! 

Overall it was a beautiful day for a run.

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