Monday, November 5, 2012

tomorrow I find the gym...hope it is still where I left it..

So no school tomorrow.  Yeah!  So I will head out the door and vote and then head straight to the gym..that's right I had to write it on the blog to make sure that is what I will do :)  I had it in my mind to head to the gym tonight, but I just couldn't bring myself to go. Then I figured out that if it is seven, last week it would have been 8:00 and really that is just way to late to go to the gym on a Monday! Yeah I thought that was a pretty good excuse too. 

I just have not figured out what time to fit in the gym.  I can't go after school because by the time I get there it is packed and I am annoyed that I have to circle the parking lot multiple times to find a parking spot.  So I need to go after 6:30.  I just have to work on the no excuses.  :)  I wish I could get up early and head to the gym, but really I like my bed too much. 

Hope everyone gets out there and votes!!

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