Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March was a great running month!

Well March might have been a bit cold, but I was on fire with running!  I did a really good job hitting my long runs!  So much so that I PR'd at my half marathon and I had my highest mileage so far this year.  I'm sure with MCM  in October I will only see my running numbers increase, but for March I am really happy.  I am on target for hitting my yearly goal of 600 miles.  I am secretly hoping to surpass this number since I will be training for 26.2..but shhhh don't tell anyone.

Spring Break was last week.  I did a lot of nothing.  I did get in a 9 mile run before I headed up to PA to visit the parents last Thursday.  I did not run in PA.  Which is not unusual.  I hate running when I go home.  First is is soo cold.  There was white stuff falling from the sky, so I knew I wasn't going to run.  I used to pretend like I was going to run while back home and I would pack all of my running gear.  Most times it would just sit in my suitcase.  So I have now stopped pretending that I would run and just accept the fact that I do not run when I go back home to visit.  I'm fine with that.  That is why I squeezed in the long run before I left.  Smart move on my part.

When I was home I didn't do that much.
We celebrated Easter on Saturday so that we could head to Pittsburgh and hit up the casino on Easter Sunday.  What?  Doesn't everyone go gambling on Easter Sunday?  Surprisingly we were not the only ones there..the place had a lot more people than what I had expected.  I didn't win anything (but really do you expect to come home with a bunch of extra cash?)  I did win back some of my money long enough to entertain myself for some time..I walked away with 30 cents more that what I thought I would leave with...that's right I'm rollin'.  Can you still buy penny candy?  If so I can buy thirty people one swedish fish each!  Yeah I'm a big spender!


Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Glad you had an awesome march!! Congrats on your half PR!! Here's to an even better April! :)

Amy Z said...

Ah! So jealous you got to spend Easter in Pittsburgh! I'll be there for a day next week! I have never been to the casino, except when I did the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, we tried to go in to get to the parking garage (where my friend had parked) and they would not allow us in because we did not have out IDs. We had to enter the parking garage on the outside, dodging cars. Fabulous. Anyway....Great job running in March!

Running Librarian said...

Amy, when you look old they do not card I was hoping that they would ask for my id though :)

Karen Seal said...

Great job on March and with your PR!! :0)