Friday, April 12, 2013

running? What's that?

So not a lot of running this week.  I was forced to run at run club by Becky.  I was so tired I didn't think I could get the energy to actually run, but we slogged it out.  Slow and steady...ugh..  This has been a horrible week.  I have felt like crap since Sunday afternoon.  Well turns out I figured out why on Wednesday morning.  Holy headcold Batman! On my way to work I stopped to pick up some cough syrup/head cold stuff.  I had a staff meeting, but really my head was much more important than arriving on time to a staff meeting.  Turns out I wasn't really that late, so all in all a pretty good move.

I tried the Musinex cough syrup.  If you see this stuff walk by does nothing and it taste horrible!  Think nasty cough syrup from your kid days..yuck!  And it doesn't really do much either.  All that nastiness for nothing.  So the day is going on and I am feeling worse and worse..before I left school I decided to call off.  All I was doing was blowing my nose.

The poor kid that I am tutoring after school probably thought I was annoying.  I must have gone through a quarter of my tissue box while working with him for an hour.  I headed home and slept.  No running on Wednesday.

Thursday I have now gone through 1 1/2 boxes of tissues.  Hello!  My nose is not supposed to be a faucet!  I hate not be able to breathe.  I will take pretty much anything! else other than a stuffy nose.  Some odd reason I really love breathing.  I found myself in a benadryl coma for most of Thursday.  Nothing beats a good coma day.

Friday and I am able to breathe better, but I still have an annoying cough.  I think I may try and run a few miles around the hood tomorrow and see how I feel.  I can't let another beautiful day go by without putting on my running shoes.

Tonight my mom and stepdad are  coming over to my house.  They are heading out on a cruise and I am dog sitting. Riley is going to be so excited to see his friend Charlie

So if I end up not running much tomorrow I will have two dogs to play with and walk.  


Michelle @ said...

Rest hon...I've had to do the same this week!

Kim said...

Bummer - no fun to have such a bad head cold! I hope you are able to rest some this weekend so you feel much better by Monday!!!

Sarah said...

These spring colds are WICKED! I've been down with one for nearly a week... Yuck! Feel better, girl!


Karen Seal said...

Glad you are feeling better...hope you continue to improve!

Shannon @I Survived and Now I Run said...

head colds are no fun...hope that you feel better real soon! Cute dogs! Thanks for stopping by my blog sweetie!

Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

Emma said...

Your body knows when you need a break so rest!
emma @ a mom runs this