Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real Whiticar returns

I met my friend Whiticar two years ago in June.  How do I remember when I met Whiticar?  Well pretty easy, we met while volunteering at the Northface Endurance Race.  Becky and Whiticar were partners in crime marking and keeping track of the marathon runners. Becky mentioned that he should come running at Run Club and voila! 
Whiticar is hanging out behind Becky

I guess he had so much fun hanging out with us that he decided to come to Run Club!

Whiticar started to become a regular runner at run club.  He is a great guy and we loved hanging out with him.  Some Tuesdays he would run a bit longer since he was training for his first Marine Corps Marathon.  

Well we couldn't let Whiticar run without cheering him on and making a sign for him at the Marine Corps Marathon!

He did great! Go Whiticar Go!!

Well turns out that Whiticar wasn't going to be such a regular at run club anymore.. he was getting deployed to Afghanistan!  We would miss our friend Whiticar!  
 So we had a farewell and good luck dinner/drinks to wish Whiticar well.  While he was gone, we made some flat Whiticars to run with.  This way that it will be like Whiticar is running with us.
Becky, Megan and myself all had our own Flat Whit to run races with.  It was a great way to keep in touch with real Whiticar.  We would post our running with Flat Whit to facebook and run some races with Flat Whit.  Flat Whit even became a flat Half Fanatic!  Yeah he had lots of races last year. :)

Well Flat Whit is now retired.  No more racing for him because look who is back!!!!

Yep, real Whit is back!  So great to see a friend come back to Run Club!  

Welcome Home Whiticar!


Kim said...

Glad your friend made it safely back home!!

Jennifer said...

That is so great that he returned safety! :)

Unknown said...

Glad your friend is back