Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love the Run You're With 5K

So a few weeks ago I ran Love the Run You're With 5k.  I ran while some run clubbers manned the water station.  We then met up afterwards at a bar for some mimosa's and food.  The run starts out with a lovely hill.  I knew there was no hope of a PR because of the fact that the day before I had my 5K PR and  the stupid hill that goes straight up really is not great for a PR.  Which is fine.

Now you can't run a Valentine's Run with out some love.  I had the Love Bug wings and heart headband. It works. :)

People loved the wings!  The best Halloween purchase ever!  I've had those wings for two years and have never taken them

Well this winter has been a rough one.  Last week was only the second week that we were in school for a five day work week.  Monday we are expecting a big storm.  This winter has not helped my running and training.  Tomorrow I have a 10 miler.  It should be interesting since I haven't really been running much.  I foresee a painful ten miles.  The good thing is the storm is not supposed to start until after dinner time.


Sarah said...

Such a cute outfit! You're adorable!

Jennifer K. said...

Too fun! You look adorable. I'm sorry your winter is sucking. At least it can't last forever!

Kim said...

If your storm is like ours it might not be so bad. They were predicting over 6 inches of snow and we got about an inch of ice with a little snow falling on top today. But it is cold - 3 degrees!!

Amanda said...

Love the wings! Costumes make running so much more enjoyable : ) I'm trying to transform myself into runner as well--I'm once again signed up for Arkansas's Women Can Run Clinic!