Wednesday, January 7, 2015

baby its cold outside!

Yesterday I woke up to no snow.  We were supposed to get some but it never came.  Then while I was driving to work I found the snow...and the ice.  Talk about horrible driving conditions.  The roads we not treated and I was sliding while driving a measly 10 miles per hour.  Yeah 10 some points it was barely that.  At one point I thought I could run this faster than I am driving.  Normally it takes me thirty minutes to get to work, yesterday it took almost an hour and half.  Ugh.  Then when I got to work only 1 bus was able to make it to school.  The rest were stuck somewhere.  We should have had the day off.  The roads were horrid!  So the day didn't start off the greatest.  Needless to say I did not feel like getting back in my car and trekking up to run club after a crazy day.  So I made my own run club at home.  Now I didn't get to see any of the cool people that I normally would see running.  And it was a rather small club of one, but it worked.  I knocked out a cold 3 miles.  I'm not a huge cold weather running fan, but since there is a marathon in my future I figured I needed to get out there and get some miles in.  That and my friends Kristi and Shawn keep checking on my running totals.  For some reason Kristi wants to make sure I am training for this marathon since she will be running with me on marathon day.

Well you know that it is a cold night of running when I wear a hat. The only bad thing is that I wore these tights that will never see a running mile again. The entire three mile run I had to hold them up.  The didn't have drawstring in them so they kept falling down.  I didn't want to scare the neighbors so I held them up.  Note to self I must buy some running tights that stay up.

Apparently I also looked like I lost something.  I was running with my headlamp in my hand.  I hate headlamps on my head so I usually hold it in my hand.  As I was finishing up, there was a boy on a scooter and he wanted to know what I was looking for.  I told him I wanted to make sure I could see where I was running and I didn't want any cars to hit me.  He seemed a bit disappointed with my answer.  I guess I should have told him zombies or something.

Wednesday night I am taking the day off from running because it is cold cold cold.  Below zero with the wind chill.  Yeah I will stay in and do some ab work. :)  

At what temperature do you stay indoors and refuse to run outside? 

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Kim said...

I'm a huge wimp - I hate to run outside when it is cold. Way to get that run done!!!