Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Vacation and a run

I spent my two week Christmas break at my moms house in Pennsylvania. While visiting mom I actually completed a 9 mile run. I know that doesn't sound like much but I normally do not run at my mom's house. It is too hilly for me. I got out there on a cold drizzling day. I got one of my two long runs in for my March marathon. I am going to train for this marathon. My last marine corps marathon was brutal because of my lack of training. I'm not going to have a replay of that race. It was so rough. 

While at mom's I also got to see my steelers lose their playoff game. I got two tickets before Christmas. I decided to see if mom want to go with me. The day of the game it was pouring. Thankfully it stopped during the game. And luckily the temps were not as brutal as the could be. At the beginning of the game I had to take my coat off. That doesn't normally happen for December games. So the 45 degree temps were working for me. 

It was a great game even though we lost. Maybe next year. Both mom and I had loads of fun. 

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