Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The day my cheeks almost fell off!

On Sunday Jen and I met up to get our long run in. She is training for a half marathon in February and I have the full in March. She was looking to run ten and I was looking for 13. Being the good sport she decided to run my 13 with me. We picked Sunday to run since it was the warmer weekend day. I was hoping that the temps would reach 30 degrees.  I don't think it got that warm. 

We headed out after talking about our outfits. You would think by January I would figure out what to wear in the cold temperatures. No, I still am figuring it out. I'm sure I will get it right around March. I decided to lose the knit hat and go with a baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes and some ear headband. Turned out the headband didn't last a mile before I had to tear it off. I also had my tights on with some shorts overtop since my rear always gets cold. 

We took off and had a nice slow run along the Potomac river. 

By the turn around point everything from my butt down was starting to get icy.  It was great having Jen to run with because I'm not sure I would have completed the entire cold thirteen miles. But we slogged through them. We even stopped to a photo along the way. 

By the 11th mile I was convinced that I was not going to have a$$ cheeks left because they were ice cubes. My knees were also turning into ice cubes too. The last two miles were by far the most horrid of the entire 13 miles. Im also convinced that someone moved Jen's house farther away!

When we got back to Jen's she was kind enough to make some hot chocolate to help warm us up. It didn't really work.  I couldn't get warm at all.  I headed home and took a nice hot bath. That is the only way to warm up my body, a hot bath. Next weekend I have 15 on the calendar and it is supposed to be in the 40's. So hopefully my lower half will stay warm. 

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Kim said...

You are one tough cookie - there is no way I would have mad 13 miles being that cold!!
Glad you had a running buddy!