Thursday, January 15, 2015

It takes a village

After Kristi finished her first half she enjoyed it so much she wanted to try the full together. I may have groaned a bit inside. Looking back over last year, racing sucked. It sucked because my training sucked. As I've told my students I wasn't good at doing my running homework. When you don't do the homework, race day is not much fun. 

This marathon is going to be different. The village is coming together to keep me accountable. First kristi's husband Shawn is currently deployed. He is state side for now. He is running the marathon training program along with Kristi even though he is not running a race. He is also checking in on my training to help me keep on track. He knows I'm not the best at keeping to a program. I randomly get messages on Facebook and texts asking about my long runs. 

Thanks Shawn for keeping me honest!

Kristi also checks in on my training. She doesn't want me to be left at the start line on race day. It's great hearing her excitement as she runs longer and feels pretty good. I guess that is what happens when you follow a program. 

Jen has been great about running long with me. She has a half in February and yet she is currently plotting our 15 mile run this weekend. It is so much better to run with someone. I think Megan may be joining us in a few weeks too. She has a full coming up in May. 

It definitely takes a village to get me across the finishline of my third full marathon. But come March it will be worth it. 


Kim said...

WooHoo - so glad that you have such a great training village!!! Now if it would just warm up then running would be more fun!

Jennifer K. said...

Not good at running homework. That's so me. Maybe we need that on t-shirts. Good luck with your run!

From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

I haven't been doing very good at my marathon training either. But I have a 15 miler tomorrow, so I'll be running with you virtually! :)

Running Librarian said...

good luck on your run tomorrow!

Abby said...

So wonderfully that you have people to help you out and keep you accountable.