Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6 mile run

I went to visit my friend in VA Beach and didn't run my long run b/c of the heat and I was visiting. So yesterday I had to buckle down and run my 6 miles.  I get bored running longer than 3 miles, so the long runs are really tough for me. 

I woke up yesterday and thought what a great day for a run, but I am not a morning runner, so I went to the mall to shop.  I told myself I would run in the evening.  I was hoping that the temps would stay low and it wouldn't be too hot at 7.  I got dressed to run and then hopped on the computer and I was slowly getting sucked into facebook...oh no.  I looked up at it was 7:15 and I had to close the computer stretch and I was out the door.  My first three miles were going great.  I do a loop around my neighborhood.  There is a small hill that kicks my butt all the time, but not today!  Three  miles just flew by and I was still feeling pretty good.  Next thing I knew I was at mile 6.  What a great night for a run!  I love those days when it seems like you could run forever.

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