Monday, August 23, 2010

Lots of Eating with few sprinkles of running

This has been a horrible week for running!  I can't beleive the amount of running I have missed.  I could make excuses about it being the start of a school year, I'm tired, or any other number of excuses, but in reality I have been lazy.  I went running on Wed. and got to about 1.5 miles and my knee was bothering me, so I walked (or limped) another 1 1/2 miles and called it a day.  I don't really know what is up with the knee.  It has randomly been shooting pains and causing me to limp around after just walking around.  Not sure if I am just walking wierd or what is happening.  Since I have been having the knee problems I had to take off Thurs. right??  That is what I thought no running on Thurs. Friday night turned out to be a friend's birthday so by the time I got home there really wasn't enough time for a long run and a shower before heading out to Cheeseburger's in Paradise.  So I had to eliminate something and the running was the thing to go. :) 

Sat. was going to be my day for a long run.  I went shopping with a friend and the knee locked up on me while shopping so I decided to push the 7 mile run until Sunday.  That and we decided to go out for Restaurant Week in DC.  We ended up going to Laporta's in Old Town Alexandria.  A 3 course meal for 38 dollars.  I had filet just melted in my mouth.  I also had a delicious chocolate mouse mouth is watering just thinking about it. So chocolatey and yummy.  It was a great evening but I was really starting to feel guilty for not running. And eating a bunch of calories and not running. Did I mention not running?

Sunday was the day, I have to get in the 7 miles.  Turned out I didn't time the dinner and running correctly so I only ended up running 3 miles.  Too much food in the belly.  Ugh...

This all means that tonight it is do or die.  I have 4 weeks left until my first 1/2 marathon.  I haven't had a good running week.  I need to run 7 excuses!  So looks like I will be running 7 miles tonight.  Wish me luck. 

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