Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to running

So I got back from PA yesterday and after 4 1/2 hours in the car I did not feel like running.  So today has to be the day that I start back up again.  It feels like forever since I really ran.  I know I ran a few times when I was in PA and once or twice when I was in VA beach but nothing really regular.  I am counting last week as my low milage week so today I need to either run 4 miles or 6.  If I run 4 miles I then have to run 6 tomorrow.  If I can pound out 6 miles today I will take tomorrow as a weight lifting day (I hate to lift weights! Grrr).  We will see what the gym holds.  I would love to run outside but it is raining, so we will see what the weather is like in a few hours and I'll decide if I want to run around the 'hood.  I hate trying to get back into the swing of things after such a long time off of a schedule!  One more month till my first 1/2 marathon..kinda scary.

I went into work today to unpack some things at my new school.  It seems like summer went by way to fast this year.  I am going to try and go back into work on Monday to finish putting some things on my wall before my assistant comes in.  I hate trying to figure out a new system in a new school.  The only positive is that I have worked at this school 4 years ago so I am not totally in the dark on how things run.  Still it is a pain. After putting some stuff away I went to lunch and then came home and baked some oatmeal chocolate chiop cookies.  Did I need to bake the cookies??  Of course not, but they are yummy!  I hope I don't eat them all before tonight. lol 

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