Sunday, December 19, 2010

Steelers christmas party

View ImageWell no gym today (I know shocker!).  Headed to the Steelers  bar for the Steeler's Christmas party.  Free door prizes (hope I get something good and not another terrible towel) and free western PA buffet.  Gotta love it.  50/50 raffle is always good, I have a good feeling this year.  I won the raffle a few years back (346 dollars) but this year it has not been going so I think this could be the day!  My friend Grab and her boyfriend Zack are heading to the bar.  If either of us win we split the winnings.  So wish us luck!  I also hope that the Steelers win to get into the playoffs.  Not sure if anyone is going to beat the Patriots this year, they are on a roll, but you never know. :) 

Tomorrow is fat club (ok it is really called wellness club at school but I think fat club sounds funnier than wellness club) and then secret Santa with the work friends.   Maybe I will be able to squeeze in a gym run after dinner.  No run club this week because I need to get my oil changed before heading back to PA for Christmas and Tuesday is the only day available.  All in all I think this week is going to be very busy. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun, busy week ahead! Drive safely, and hope things went well with the raffle!

Lindsay said...

Lol cute comic. I hope the raffle went well? I never win those things :(

Running Librarian said...

The guy in front of me won 2 jerseys so he gave me one. Very nice of him. I guess it helps to be a regular who hasn't won all year lol.