Saturday, October 1, 2011

one week until Army 10 miler

So I am one week out!  I think I will have a decent run next week.  I hope that the weather is good..and that I have a great run.  Today I was supposed to run 9, turned out it was 7..the wind was a killer so I ended the run...and it was sprinkling so I was frightened that  a downpour was going to come at any mintue!  I hate rain. :)  So 7 miles it was. 

After the run I did this:

Thats right I stomped some grapes at the local winery!  So much fun.  I was expecting something a' la Lucille Ball but I will take the small barrels and the chance to stomp some grapes!  It was lots of fun!  I got a my feet printed in paint to commemorate the occation. :)  It was a great fall day to go stomp grapes and have some wine tasting too. 

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