Friday, October 14, 2011

Army Ten Miler race recap

So the Army 10 miler was this past Sunday.  What  a great race and what a beautiful day to run a race!  I woke up at 4:45 and took Riley out, made my bagel and got the running gear on.  I hate running around the morning of a race so I may wake up a tad earlier than needed..but I like starting my day off a bit slow.  I met Megan at the commuter lot at a little after 6.  We were supposed to meet at 6:15 but I forgot how little traffic is on the road so early on a Sunday morning.  We decided to park at the garage in Pentagon City and walk over to the Pentagon after we used the mall bathrooms.  Who knew we would be so excited over bathrooms with running water and sinks before a race!

When we get to the Pentagon we head over to the runners area.  I'm stopped by an Army guy while Megan with the backpack (which I don't think was allowed in the area) is waved into the area.  Turns out that music is not allowed so he asked me to hide my earphones.  I knew that the website said no music, but really I think all the races say not to bring music.  I checked some of the pictures from last year and saw some runners with music so I figured it must be ok.  Well turns out I was wrong.  I ended up checking my ipod along with my jacket.  I ran my first music free race. 

Well the start of the race reminded me of a RnR race because of the long walk to the start.  Took me over 20 minutes to reach the start mat.  Once I hit the mat I was off and running.  The run took us past Arlington Cemetery, The Martin Luther King Monument, Washington Monument, The Kennedy Center and the Jefferson Memorial.  Lots to see along with some bands along the way!  I loved the fact that their were so many places that people could cheer the runners as they ran by.  It was great! Water stops were plentiful too. 

The last two miles were horrible (as usual).  We were running on the 14th St. bridge and you could hear the announcer calling in the runners at the finish line, you just didn't know where the finish line was. As I rounded the corner at the end of the exit ramp I saw all these people cheering me on and telling me I'm almost there! (They are liars by the way).  Then I am running wondering where the finish is..more people tell me it is right around the corner (they too are liars).  I end up running up a hill and rounding a bend and see a few photographers which would surely mean it is the finish line.  I start to sprint thinking I am at the finish..nope still no finish line.  I keep going at a much slower pace and finally see the finish line.  I jog over the finish (I left my sprint a few yards back there).  Then the long trek to find water and get my finisher's coin.  Ugh..more walking!  My feet are now hurting..I don't want to walk, but I want water.  It was the longest walk ever!  I finally got my coin 

Met Megan at our assigned meeting spot.  I thought we would see some other friends who were running, but turned out we saw nobody.  Had a long long walk back to our car and ate some lunch along the river in Occoquan. 

I would definitely do this race again next year!  Here are some other pictures from the Army Ten Miler:

What do these next three pictures have in common??

 Yep everyone loves to look down at their garmin or watch to check their pace while they run. :)



Tegan said...

Great report. Sounds like a really good race bar the dodgy finish line. Well done to you!

Running Librarian said...

Thanks :) It was lots of fun.