Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heritage Half

So tomorrow morning I will be running my 4th half marathon!  Hard to believe last year at this time I had barely finished my first Half.  I'm feeling good about tomorrow.  I had a pretty good Army Ten Miler run last week so I am hoping that will carrying  through the half tomorrow. 

I picked up my packet yesterday.  Worlds ugliest long sleeved tech shirt ever!  Who chooses mustard as the color for the shirt??  I can picture it now:

Al:  What color should we make the shirts?
Bob:  How about Black?
Al:  Nah, everyone has a black shirt
Bob:  White?
Al:  How many white shirts do you own?
Bob:  I know mustard!!  It is great on a hot dog and I am sure it would look great on all the blond girls running the half.
Al:  Brilliant!  Mustard it is!

Yep that shirt will not make the light of day.  I will take a picture of it and post it for the race report. :)

I have done pretty much what I did last weekend before the ten miler (except I mowed the grass and pulled some weeds).  So hopefully that will work out tomorrow too. 

Goals for tomorrow:
A.  sub 3
B. just over 3
C.  Finish, enjoy the run and not hurt too bad.

It is a pretty small race.  I believe that they are expecting about 400 runners for the race.  That scares me a bit.  I could be the last one running across the mat!  That also screams "you will be running by your lonesome for a good portion of the race!"  Hopefully both of these last thoughts do not come true but if it does I am sure it will be fine. :)  Because I am anticipating few cheering people along the run I am definitely running with music.  I did enjoy the ten miles last week, but there were lots of people running with me and lots of cheering people for most of the race. 

Not sure what the running outfit is going to be.  I am tempted to just wear the same outfit as the ten miler..we will see.  Should be a beautiful day for a run (just hoping it is not as windy as today). 


Nicki said...

I am laughing so hard. The 5K I ran today had a long sleeve, non-tech shirt that was, you guessed it, mustard color.

Good luck tomorrow!

Running Librarian said...

Nicki, maybe mustard is the new black...

Crystal said...

can't wait to hear how you did!

Tegan said...

Hope you did well! Mustard is most definitely not an acceptable colour for a running top.