Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cheering on the runners at the Marine Corps Marathon!!

What a great day to cheer the runners who were running the Marine Corps Marathon.  Our friend Whiticar was also one of the runners.  We set ourselves up at mile 22/23.  Looked like we got there just before our friend was hitting mile 22.  Perfect timing.  We came prepared with signs and candy.  I didn't realize how excited people would be to get some candy.  We ended up running out rather quickly so Megan high tailed it to a Rite Aid for some back up supplies.  I believe we went through 10 to 11 bags of candy.  Crazy.  It was a great day to cheer on everyone!  We started cheering at 11 and stayed  until after 2 to cheer on the last few runners.  I always hated when I was towards the back, people were leaving and nobody was really cheering, well not this time.  We made sure to cheer extra loud for those back of the packers!!  Way to go.  I now leave you with pictures of our day.

Handing out candy made runners smile :)

We found Whiticar!  Great job!

He was super excited to see us and his sign too :)

free high fives

Santa was gettin' his run on!

We owned Mile 22 cheer section!


abbi said...

Looks like a great day at MCM! Love the pictures handing out the candy - that is crazy you went through so much but I'm sure all the runners appreciated it!

Crystal said...

that is so neat! what a great thing to do!

steena said...

Cool! I wish I would have found someone handing out candy at mile 22 of my marathon! I found a girl with pretzels, but it was so hot out, dry pretzels was disgusting.
Great spectating fun & pictures!

Beth said...

Thank you for cheering! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog as I remember someone giving out candy late in the race. I thought it was a fantastic idea! Looks like you had a blast and I love the signs, too. Thank you!