Saturday, November 6, 2010

Boys and Girls Club Turkey Trot recap

Well I feel like I haven't blogged in here goes. :) 

Kristen, Megan and I signed up for a Turkey Trot this morning.  Well actually Megan signed up and Kristen and I did late registration (no t-shirts for us..).  It was a very cold cold Saturday morning.  I was debating on what to wear and decided it could be the temps for running tights..then added a long sleeved t-shirt and a light fleece hoodie. 

Kristen was driving and of course I looked up the directions (super easy..take a left and then a right...not far from the main road we were going to be driving on).  Yeah  so I guess it wasn't take a left and then right but a right and then a right..took us a bit to get to there because I messed the directions up.  Oops..Megan was trying to direct us over the phone but she didn't really know exactly where we were either.  What a way to start off the morning. lol  So finally 15 mins. later we make it to the Boys and Girls Club to a rather small crowd.  Guess this is not going to be a huge running group. That really works well for me, I love the smaller local runs (and the race benefits the Boys and Girls Club of Manassas so I was happy to donate)
Late registration stand here please...

Well we take off at 8am and the first thing you notice is you have to go up a hill..great I hate hills.  Turns out that wasn't the only hill on the course...I hate hills!  I had to make sure I kept someone in my eyesight so I would know where to run.  This was a small race and it was marked with signs on a post and every once in awhile you would see a volunteer or a sheriff's car (2 sheriff's car to be precise).  I was pretty happy with my pace.  My lungs were killing me b/c I have been sick all week and the cold air was not feeling the greatest, but I didn't think I was going to dye so I figured I must be doing pretty good.  the last mile was through the woods (ok a park but I like to call it the woods) and the last hill before the finish was more like a straight up mountain!  Have I said I hate hills??  I hate hills! 

I crossed right behind Megan (who passed me in the woods) at just under 35 mins.  Not too bad considering it was cold and a hilly course.  Kristen finished ahead of us at 30 mins.  (Imagine what a good time she would have had if it was flat). 

We went to the awards ceremony and found out Kristen won in her age group!  (ok she was the only one in her age group but she still won!)

A good day for a run!


Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

I wanna join a turkey trot next year! sounds like fun =)

Crystal said...

I hate hills too! Great job on the run!