Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tootie Fruitie!!

Last Saturday the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge was kicked off.  Amanda from Run to the Finish is hosting the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge that runs from Nov. 19th to Jan. 6th.  Basically you have to move to get points and also you get a point a day from eating 7 servings of fruits or vegetables.  I thought I eat a decent amount of fruits (I'm not a huge veggie fan)..turns out I don't.  It is killing me trying to fit in 7 fruits and veggies a day!   I am going to try to bring a salad for lunch and see how that helps me squeeze in my fruits and veggies this week.  Last week I frequently had to eat 2 fruits or veggies before I was headed to bed because I was short two servings.  That would not have been bad except I wasn't hungry and I was just shoving food in my mouth.  On a positive note, I have been eating more fruit and less junk during work hours.  Hopefully this week I will have planned ahead to not have to scarf down multiple servings of fruits and veggies before bed.  

After driving six hours from Pennsylvania to Virginia today I knew I needed to head to the store to stock up on some fruits and veggies before the week starts.  The above picture was my pickup from the store.  Hopefully this helps me squeeze in those fruits and veggies this week.  Last week I felt like I ate a lot of clementines and applesauce.  Hopefully that doesn't happen again this week.  I love clementines and applesauce, but honestly I was starting to get a bit sick of eating them. 

What are some of your favorite fruits or vegetables?

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