Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eye Spy...Color Me Rad

So this weekend I had a fun 5K.  I headed down to VA Beach to run a family fun 5K with my old college roommate and her family.  We were running the Color Me Rad run! 

I signed up a few months ago to run.  It sounded fun and all three nieces are running it too!  It was their first 5K!  And since there are 3 kids and 3 adults (Me, Kristi and Shawn) I figured our odds of not losing a kid was pretty good. :) 
Saturday me, Shawn and the girls headed over to packet pickup. 

The line was pretty long for packet pick up.  Luckily they had a bouncy house so the girls didn't mind the wait at all!  Finally we picked up our race packet, shirt, and sunglasses and we were off!

The next day we headed to the race an hour early.  We were running at 9:05.  The race is only 15 minutes from Kristi and Shawn's place.  Slowly I was starting to get Hot Chocolate Race flashbacks.  It took us over an hour to park.  People were getting out of their car and heading for the race while the lone driver was left to park.  Umm Hot Chocolate Race??  Kristi then informs me that we are not racing on the road.  There are some trails through the grassy area that we are running.  Which is great..they do not have to worry about keeping roads closed and having runners not able to run b/c they missed their running time. 

We parked the car and headed to the Sports Complex.  Lots and lots of people.  Turns out this is the largest Color Me Rad event so far (although I have no way to know if that is true or the man was just yelling that in the mic for crowd reaction).  We were all ready to run!

We are all so clean!!

We finally head to the start and have to wait in a really long line.  Thankfully they are starting us off in waves and they are waiting a good amount of time between them so we are not going to be all bunched together.  There are lots of kids and parents with kids in strollers and wagons.  A very family friendly event.  We are off and Ali takes off.  I decided that I would run with her and just let her take the lead in what we would run or walk.  For her first 5K..Ali rocked it!  All the girls did great!  It turned out we each ran with a kid.  We headed to the first color station and we got sprayed with some wet color stuff.  They sprayed it from what you would use to spray weed killer over your lawn.  They did not skimp on the color.  I had what looked like black (but later we would realize it was dark blue) all over the side of my face and the side of my body.  Both Ali and I decided that we did not like the spray.  Soon we came to a bunch of people throwing colored cornstarch at us.  Yeah cornstarch is more our style!  I think it was yellow and total there were four color stations that we went through.  It was great! 

There was a bit of a Color Me Rad the last spray station I was sprayed with red.  It got under my sunglasses and I guess in my eye.  It turned my contacts red!  So I ended with one zombie eye!!!  As soon as I got home and took out my contact my eye was fine.  I just have to change my contacts. 

If you are going to run a color run..and you have contacts..wear some goggles...the sunglasses don't always cut it!  It didn't hurt, but it did freak some people out! 

Great day for a run.  The color did come out of most of our clothes.   I have my shoes in the washer right now hoping that they will come clean.  I had to really scrub to get the color off of my skin.  Missed a few spots of extra scrubbing, by tomorrow's shower I should be just like the old Pam :)
Just a little color after the run!
We looked so different at the end of the run!
Hopefully I will get my old shoes back! lol


Crystal said...

That is awesome!! There is a color run here in July that I want to do! That red eye is freaky!!

~*Kimmy*~ said...

Oh my gosh!! You guys look like you had a blast!! Glad you had a great time!

Renee said...

Sounds like a blast. I shudder thinking of Hot Chocolate flashbacks. Every time I see one of the jackets I have to resist an urge to not go on a rant again.

Anonymous said...

OMG that was the creepiest red eye photo ever! but looks like a fun run - good for you :)

Running Librarian said...

Kristina! lol yeah I freaked out my friend Shawn. My contact is still soaking and still red..wonder what they put in the liquid color???

Anonymous said...

Don't really enjoy the title, old roommate...dear friend...much better. :)

Running Librarian said...

you are dear friend..sister like..:) and old roommate..which really is a complement b/c you really never lived with us officially...but I always felt you did lol