Monday, May 14, 2012

Less than a week and I'm running with Alison Sweeney

Well I don't really think that I will be running side by side with Alison Sweeney, but you never know.  Maybe she is a slow runner like me :)  Sunday will be the day..the day that I become a Half Fanatic..the last of the 3 spring races.  The Marine Corps Historic Half will be taking place this Sunday.  I am starting to stalk the weather forecasts.  There are two things that make me stalk weather reports..a possible snow day and an upcoming race.  Hoping for some cool, rain free running, but really expecting some hot weather.  Not looking forward to the hills of Fredericksburg, but looking forward to finishing the half fanatic quest.  Can't wait to see what my Half Fanatic number will be!  I attempted to run yesterday and it seems that someone put some lead in my running shoes.  My legs felt so heavy.  I hope that is a good sign for Sunday.  Heavy legs now, light legs race day. :)  I'm going to go for a run today after school.  Might have to head to the gym if it keeps raining.

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Crystal said...

How cool!! Will there be other Biggest Losers there? Good luck and have a great run!