Thursday, May 31, 2012

North Face Endurance times coming this weekend

You may remember that last year I volunteered at the local North Face endurance race and had loads of fun.  Who would have thought that waking up way before the butt crack of dawn would yield good times..but it did.  So much so that my friends and I are volunteering again! 

Again I will be waking up at 3am to get ready to be at Great Falls by 5 am.  Again we will be manning the busy aid station in the Park offering all of your food needs..chicken broth..soda..pb&j sammies..and much more.  We will be keeping track of the marathon, 50K and the 50 mile runners.  Please let it not be too hot and no rain!! 

This year Dean Karnazes will be running the race. 
Last year I had no idea who this man was.  After reading his book Run! I may have a little bit of crush.  Hope his wife doesn't mind.  If you are looking for a fun running read, pick up the book it is great!  Karno is such a crazy runner.  Who suddenly decides that they need to run all night long?  Not this girl that is for sure.   Dean has also been named "Top 100 Most Influential People in the World " by Time Magazine.  I feel like such a groupie!  I hope I recognize him.  Not that I'm going to tackle him or anything..but it would be exciting to see him. 

Stay tune to see if I recognize Dean on Saturday...and if I wake up on time...

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