Monday, October 29, 2012

Cheering on the Marine Corps Marathon Runners!

Yesterday Becky and I met to drive over to cheer on all of the marathoners running the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday.  It was also Megan's first marathon, so of course we are cheering extra loud for her :)  I know some people running it, so it should be lots of fun..who I am I kidding it WILL be lots of fun, I love cheering at MCM!  We arrived pretty early at Crystal City.  I knew we were going to see lots of the really fast runners.  We parked and unloaded our car.  We were unloading so much stuff that I thought we were moving into Crystal City.  Chair...check, tons of candy ...check, umbrella...check...signs...check..backpack...check.  Who knew that a bunch of candy could be so heavy.  We ended up meeting some random stranger who was headed to the grocery store.  He was looking to add some more running to his morning so offered to take two of our bags of candy and "run" with us to our spot near Army Navy Drive.  It was very nice of him.  We ended up being the first to set up on the street (other than the three Marines with their bullhorn announcing Dunkin' Donut holes and water around the corner). 

We decided to start off with our signs...

Those fast runners wouldn't want to stop for some of our candy, so we held some signs and cheered really loud.  It was a really nice day for a run.  Overcast, upper 50's, the only issue was wind.  Man hurricane Sandy was throwin' around some wind.  At one point we had to chase down our sign.  We knew once we started handing out candy the signs would go away.  We did figure out how to have one sign on our chairs without it blowing away, but you couldn't really read it..oh well. 

As we started seeing a little bit more runners, we started passing out some of our candy.  We had lots of bags with us.  Last year Megan ran for a bunch of bags of pb cups since we ran out so early..this year I didn't see that as a problem.  We had lots. 

Becky and myself were yelling out our goodies to all of the runners.  At times I felt like I was working at a carnival trying to get people to throw a dart at the balloon.  It was lots of fun.  I was tracking some runners and was also on the lookout for them as I was yelling about my swedish fish and sour patch kids.  At one point someone ran past yelling my name.  I couldn't place who it was and then he yells his name.  It was Mark who Megan and I met at the Marine Corps Historic Half in June.  We had dinner with him and his wife.  It was great yelling to him "Good Luck"

Next up I saw my friend Keith from high school.  He was doing a great job and knocked off an hour from his previous time.  Way to go Keith!  Becky and I  continued to hand out our goodies.  People really loved candy at mile 23/24.  We got a lot of thank you's and you're the best! 

Soon we see Megan.  She is looking great.  I start yelling for her and waving her sign as she entered Crystal City.  She looked so much better than I would at mile 22. 
Someone looks happy to see us!

Megan sat down to enjoy a pb cup and a quarter of a pb sandwich that I made for her.  She caught us up on her race and then she was off!  It was great cheering her on, but really we had a job to do..we had candy to hand out and a few more people to look out for.  :) 

Now we started to learn something about marathon runners and candy.  Some candy I was doubtful would go.  Really who would want a Kit Kat while running??  Well turns out runners love Kit Kats, Snickers, Hershey bars along with the normal PB cups (a true favorite), Swedish Fish, and Sour Patch Kids.

As we are handing things out..Becky sees him..The Juggler...ugh..I think he follows me.  Not only does he mock the half marathoners with his "this is so easy I can juggle while running 13.1" he also mocks the marathoners.."and this is pretty easy so I think I will juggle while running 26.2"  "Oh you juggler!" *shaking fist*

After seeing Megan, Ryan from run club ran over got a pb cup and gave us kisses and was off to finish up his first marathon.  He was looking great for his first marathon too! 

We were starting to run out of some of our candy.  Becky was down to a few pb cups and Almond Joys.  Now really, you can't give Almond Joys to runners!  Well once again, I was wrong.  She offers up Almond Joys and next thing you know a runner is hugging her telling her she is the best and takes the Almond Joy.  I just didn't realize the love for Almond Joys!  The smiles that we saw on faces because of on little Almond Joy was amazing! 

We then saw Jen from runclub and gave out some Swedish Fish.  It was her first marathon and I thought she was looking great too.  It was amazing how great those first time 26.2 people looked! 

Next up was Gary. 

Gary took  a pb cup and was off.  I ran a little bit with Gary until he hit the water stop.  He was looking great while running too.  I loved seeing all of my friends running!  I would never run 26.2 but I really do love cheering on those who are running that crazy distance! :) 
Becky and I stuck around till almost the end.  We ran out of everything but whoppers.  Some of my walking friends enjoyed the whoppers we had left and our cheers while they were heading to the finish.  Some of those back of the pack people I think really enjoyed our cheers and our sign (once we ran out of candy the signs came out).  Even though most of the people left our street we stayed to cheer extra loud.  If people had their name on their shirt/arm we made sure to include their name in our cheering too! 
Great job to all of the Marine Corps Marathon Finishers!!  Oorah!


Sandy Hugill said...

You guys are the best! Runners make the best spectators and cheerleaders because you know what other runners want. I would have taken a Kit Kat or an Almond Joy, but yesterday at the Cape Cod Marathon someone had Twix!

Running Librarian said...

Twix..hmm..I love twix when I am not running..but when I'm running I run with swedish fish lol

Beth (@RunTraveler) said...

LOVE the signs!
Very clever. :)

TR said...

How positive is this! Fantastic of you! :)