Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trick or Treating at the Marine Corps Marathon

So Megan is running her first marathon.  Becky and I will head over to cheer her on.  I think Marine Corps Marathon could be my favorite race to cheer.  Now how do you cheer on runners at mile 23ish? 
Why with candy and signs of course!  I have lots of pb cups, Swedish fish (my favorite) and sour patch kids to hand out to all of those runners who pass mile 23.  Last year Megan thought I was nuts to take candy.  Those runners loved the candy!!  They crossed the street when they heard my loud voice yelling "peanut butter cups!"  Yeah it was a good call to take candy. 

This year candy will be provided too.  I have more candy for runners than trick or treaters at my house!  Not sure how the little kids feel about that, but I won't tell them if you don't tell them.  I may have a small stash for all of the people I know running MCM.  If I run out of candy, don't worry free high fives will still be offered too.  I don't normally run out of high fives, so if you are a slower runner worrying that I won't have anything left for you, I will still be able to offer some high fives and loud cheers! 

Hopefully the weather stays rain free and wind free on Sunday for all the runners.  Sandy is supposed to bring some rain late Sunday and into Monday.  Lets hope the rain stays away.  Megan and all of the runners would rather run in dry clothes than in wet ones. So please Sandy..stay away until Monday and then I would like a day off b/c of all of your rain potential. :) 

Good Luck to all of the MCM runners!! 


Maemae S said...

Yeah! I am a changed gal... I did think it was nuts last year but it didn't take long to see runners do like candy at mile 23, as they ran directly to from the far side of the pack to you! I'll be looking for my favorite running gals tomorrow!

Lindsay said...

i'd pull over for candy too! you are an excellent spectator. hope the weather holds off for you and the runners.