Saturday, October 20, 2012

Up Next: Army 10 Miler

Tomorrow I will be running the Army 10 miler. 
This will be my second year running this race.  I really liked this race last year (might be my favorite 10 mile race to date).  I love the crowd support.  I love seeing all of the wounded warriors running.  I just like the atmosphere.  I will say I do hate the bridge at the end.  The endless bridge with no crowd support..yuck!

I am hoping that I will be able to breathe tomorrow during the run.  I have been sick all week with a head cold.  I am now just hacking and I should be fine...hopefully. If not I guess I will be walking lots of the 10 miles tomorrow.  I don't feel like that will be my fate, but I haven't ran all week we will see.  I was hoping that this would be the race that I PR but I am thinking that it just might not be in the cards tomorrow..we will see. 

Megan is running the race too ( I know shocker!)  and our friend Glenn will be running his first ten miler tomorrow.  So exciting!  And I am sure we will see some run club people too.  Bill is supposed to be around the tents so maybe this year we will actually be able to find him. 

Megan and I already picked up our packets yesterday after school, so today all I have to do is rest up and then head out for some pre-race dinner with Megan.

Driving to the expo we realized that we were probably following an army ten mile person. They seemed a bit confused just like us. Every turn they made, we ended up making the same turn.  At one point I  missed a turn and we got turned around and we were yelling, find our friends!!  And of course there they were a car ahead. 

I made sure to say hi to our new Army ten miler friends. :)  Not sure if they got the humor of the situation like Megan and I did, but oh well. 

When we walked into the expo to pick up our packets here is what we were greeted with...
 Can't say many races offer this kind of music. 
Then we were off to pick up our bibs. 
 Opps Megan ended up dropping an entire box of safety pins.  Yikes! 
It was a great expo.  We got there with 45 mins to shop.  We stayed the entire 45 mins to see if we could find any good deals.  After the expo we headed off to find some food.  We ended up in Crystal City and ate some very yummy hamburgers, fries and a yummy  milkshake. 
 Who could say no to a burger and a cookies and cream milkshake?  Not I!