Monday, October 1, 2012

October here's what I want from you

It's my favorite time of the year..hoodie season!  I love fall!  I love the fact that you could wear a hoodie one day and shorts the next.  It does make for some issues when figuring out what to put on to go running, but that's ok, I will figure it out eventually. 

Some wishes for October:

I just signed up for a new half.  I know I said the Navy/Air Force Half was my last half of 2012 but I decided to add one more to the calendar.  It is a small local race.  I ran it last year and PR' fingers crossed that I have a good run on the 14th.  You really can't turn down a local race that benefits the school district that you work for.  So I didn't, I signed up.  Now the Heritage Half will be my last half of 2012! 

I also have the Army ten miler.  I really liked this race last year.  I loved the crowd support and seeing all of the military guys running (really who doesn't like seeing military guys running?!)  So I am hoping to enjoy my second Army ten miler and I would love to sub 2.  We will see.  If I keep running the low mileage of September that will never happen.

I'm also hoping to get out there and run more this month. This is perfect running weather.  This is the time of year that I just want to head out the door for a run.  I couldn't really say that when the temps were in the 90 plus this summer. There really is no excuse not to get out there and run some :) 

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Maemae S said...

have fun at heritage...want to run 1 more half in 2012?! i am thinking about annapolis december 1...could be frigid! i like cold running! :)