Sunday, January 12, 2014

gym time

Well I still have not gotten back into the swing of things since my two months off.  I don't think the cold from last week helped either.  Really who wants to leave the house to go to the gym when it is freezing outside. It was much too comfy on the couch under covers when the temps were below 0.   I did do a lot of walking during my time off from running and the gym, so I'm not feeling totally lazy...just sort of lazy.

I finally made it to the gym yesterday.  I figured if I went in the afternoon I wouldn't have to wait for machines.  I know I should be happy that people are all excited about going to the gym and getting fit..but I hate the fact that I can't find a parking spot or a machine.  And I know I need to wait for 8 at night and I should be fine, but by that time I am all comfy at home.  So yesterday I headed over in the afternoon.  I figured everyone pretty much went to the gym first thing in the morning.  Turns out that the afternoon is the perfect time to visit the gym during New Years Resolution January!  Now if only I could take off of work during this month so I could go to the gym..but that is not looking promising.  I ran some and biked some. So all in all I was happy with my gym time.  I think I will head back there this afternoon.

I am supposed to be in training mode for my March half marathon.  I have yet to actually put up my running schedule on the calendar. Maybe that will be today's goal.  You have to dream big people!  Since it has not been on my calendar I have sort of ignored the fact that I need to be in running mode.  It is so easy to ignore training when you do not see it everyday when you make your morning breakfast.   Well I am off to finish some cleaning and then head to the dreaded gym :)  Temps might be great for running the neighborhood today so that could be on the calendar too.  


Lucille Lucille said...

I know it's tough but you can do it. I sent a mini-trampoline workout if your interested and I do home fitness program that can get you in really good shape.

Kim said...

Hooray for getting to the gym!!
This weather makes it hard to do anything!
And, I'm like you - once I'm home in the evenings I hate having to leave (or do much of anything!).

Jennifer K. said...

It is so hard to get out when it's cold! The short days don't help either. Once the sun starts going down, there's no more motivation. Stoopid winter!