Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I did it!

I finally wrote my half marathon training schedule down on the calendar..it looks like I am behind by a few weeks...guess I should have wrote it down sooner.  This week my long run should be 7 miles.  Sure..no problem!  I had issues with three miles yesterday.  So 7 miles should be super easy! lol

I have not really ran regularly since Marine Corps Full. Note to self:  it is not smart to take so much time off from running.  I am hoping that my muscles and lungs remember what it is like to run again.  I ran for the last three days.  Sunday I took my running shoes outside.  It was a beautiful day for running in the hood.  I was able to run in capris and a short sleeved shirt.  Considering last week I was shivering under a blanket with below 0 temps.  Today it was in the 50's.  How could I not run in the 50's in January??  I was running and breathing heavy.  Yeah definitely have to work on my lungs.  Hopefully when I get home it will not yet be dark and I can run a few laps around the block.  I love that we are gaining daylight everyday.  I do not do well with the early darkness.


Scott said...

Just remember..if the schedule says you can do 7 miles then you definitely can.

Running Librarian said...

Scott I will do the 7...it just might not be pretty lol

Michael said...

Taking time off running always seems like such a good idea....until you go back to it and realize just how hard it is to build back that endurance. I am experiencing the same thing right now in all 3 sports. UGH!

You can do 7 miles though, just take it easy and run/walk it if it helps get you through!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Good luck with the 7 miles!! You can totally do it!! :)