Saturday, January 25, 2014

treadmills are the devil!!

I headed to the gym hoping to run 8 miles on the treadmill.  Yeah that didn't happen.  I headed to the gym with ever intention of slogging away on the boring treadmill.  There is just something about treadmills that I just can't stand.  Oh how I wish the temps were not super cold and there was not ice outside.

I think I need some entertaining when I use the treadmill.  Maybe a magician or something to distract me!
Or if this guy was beside me I bet I could go farther on the mill.  I would spend most of my time wondering what in the world he was doing and not counting down the miles and minutes on the dreadmill.

I did about 40 minutes and then headed to the bike.  My friend Stephanie recommended running a few miles and then doing something else and then hopping back on the mill and keep that up until I get my miles in.  I am going to try that tomorrow.  The only problem I could see is that when I get off the treadmill the last piece of equipment that I want to go back to is the treadmill. I will try this tomorrow at the gym.  

On a good note I am down 4 lbs this month!  That is a good thing.  Hard to believe that I have lost anything this week with the laziness of all of the snow days.  I guess that means I didn't eat like crazy. :)  


Kim said...

OH, no!!! This makes me sad but that's because I love the treadmill!
Next time play games. Every minute bump your speed up a notch or down a notch. I do games with speed and incline all the time on the treadmill and it really does help.

Unknown said...

I Hate the Treadmill!!! I can only make it through by doing intervals. The only thing as bad as the treadmill is the stationary bike and don't even get me started on spin classes.

Unknown said...

I hear you. I haven't gone running in a week due to weather and my aversion to the treadmill. I need to get to the gym! Can't keep using the weather as an excuse. Good for you for at least getting SOME running done!

Jennifer K. said...

It takes some serious dedication to get workouts in on the treadmill. That's why gyms always have TV screens right above them! I admire you for working on it even when you find it less than appealing.

Suzan said...

Ugh, the dreamill!! I am with you on that.
I can maybe do about three miles but that is all I can stand.
One time I did six but I admit that I was watching a movie and didn't really give it my all.

steena said...

Yup, do what your friend Stephanie said. I do that. My gym has a track, so I'll often run a few on the treadmill and a few on the track. If you have an iPad or something bring a movie to watch. Anything to occupy your brain!