Friday, January 24, 2014

race calendar for the winter and spring

So my race calendar is really open right now.  Last year at this time I was pretty full.  I have been looking and can't find anything that either strikes my fancy, is local, or a place where I would like to pay to run.  I have my usual on the list.


Love the Run Your With - my birthday 5K


Running the half marathon.  Its local so I can't pass it up.


No Cherry Blossom!  Yep I have not signed up for it.  Good Bye my least favorite race in DC.


Heading to the Burgh for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  Very Excited for this race!

Marine Corps Historic Half - Hospital Hill may try to kill me again, but it is so close to my house that I have to make this a yearly run.

That takes me to June and summer running.  I haven't looked at the fall yet.  There are some local races that I just like to run.  I'm sure that I will also throw in some 5Ks and other random races here and there.  Is it bad that I just feel like I should have some more races on my calendar??  


Jennifer K. said...

I feel like I should have a full race calendar too, but when I start adding up the dollars, I think it may be time to downsize and maybe look at one every other month, or do some 5k and 10k races instead of half marathons since they're cheaper. After figuring out my taxes, I'm definitely looking to tighten my belt!

Brandon said...

How about throwing a trail race into the mix? Lots of options in the DMV area!

Running Librarian said...

Brandon I am not sure that trails or my thing..first I am scared to death of if I saw one I think I would turn around and head back to the start and I am not very graceful and I could see me twisting an ankle on the uneven trail lol..Great thought..just not sure if the trails are calling my name yet.