Sunday, March 30, 2014

Celebrations do not require me to run!

So I have been one big ball of lazy since my half marathon two weeks ago.  It doesn't help that we had snow...again.  I am tired of cold.  I don't want to run out in snow or cold rain!  So I haven't!

Tuesday was run club..with rain or was it snow or sleet??  The weather has been so crazy I can't keep track of what happens on what day!  Well anyway, wee headed to run club.  I was going to dress to maybe run, but I realized that I had no intention of running so why not put some jeans on..embrace the lazy! And that is just what I did.

Tuesday was Matt's birthday. Matt is a vegetarian so to celebrate Megan made some yummy vegan cookies.

One was Matt's favorite snicker-doodles and the other was a vanilla no-bake.  Both were very yummy!!

(if you are Andy you put the two cookies together and you are very happy)

Happy birthday Matt

Got to love run club celebrations!  Even if we didn't run.

This week it should be in the 70's, even though it was raining/snowing today.  Virginia should not see snow the second to last day of March!  Needless to say I did not move off of the couch much this weekend.  This is the week that my lazy stops.  Weather should be nice for running and that is just what I plan on doing.

This week is we are celebrating Sandy's birthday along with Jen's 100th run!  I'm in charge of birthday cookies.  Hope everyone enjoys them.

The celebrating continues!

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Kim said...

I hope you get the 70 weather - we should be done with snow this year!!!
I think that lazy weekends are necessary at least some times - when we have a busy weekend (like this past one) I start the week tired and usually stay tired all week.