Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving with friends

So the turkey was a success! The stuffing was just like mom's and the bird was very juicy. So juicy and tender that when I untied the drumsticks the entire bone slid out clean from the bird. Very yummy! And nobody was feeling ill at the end of the night that I know of...
Trying to get the stuffing out of the bird.  Yes Kristen is using a grilling fork to hold the bird.


Paul and I taking a picture with  my tree

Left overs anyone?

Oh no!  The turkey is making us feel sick..or tired not sure...
So my first turkey was a success!  Not as hard as I thought, although I did make a few calls to mom to make sure that I wasn't messing it up.  I didn't make anyone sign a waiver (I didn't have time to write them up).  So off to bed and then tomorrow morning is breakfast courtesy of the third grade.  Gosh I hope I don't gain 10 pounds this week!

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