Monday, November 22, 2010

I'll take Unfair things and things you learn when leaving the gym for $100 Alex

So I think it should be illegal for a Dunkin Donuts to operate in the parking lot of the gym.  I parked my car and the smell of freshly made donuts comes bouncing over to me...the smell is so nice..but I resist and enter the gym.  Then on the way out that damn donut smell is still hanging around. 

I figure that you learn something new everyday.  Here is my gem today.  I overhead a group of young guys talking as I was leaving the gym.

"Dude you know how a dude looks like a baller but totally is not one.  And then the dudes that don't look anything like a baller come walking over and wow they are major ballers"  The other guys all agreed that this was so the way of the world.  Who would have thunk it??

Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday.  Tomorrow is my Friday :)  After work I am loading Riley in the car and heading to PA.  Oh please do not snow while I am home and please please please do not snow when I am driving to or from PA.


Pahla said...

Dunkin Donuts near the gym should definitely be illegal - good job resisting!

Running Librarian said...

Before the gym moved to where it is now, it used to be in the same plaza as a Dairy Queen. Which was really hard to resist in the summer. :)

Unknown said...

So difficult to tell who really is a baller.

cathysrunning said...

I applaud you for avoiding the Dunkin Donuts! You have waaayyy more self-control than I do. My ritual on Saturdays is 1) long run; 2) Stop and get donuts on the way home; 3) feel bad and run more on Sunday. Hey, it gets me to run those extra miles - it works for me!

First time visitor - love your blog!

Running Librarian said...

Thanks Cathy! Well at least you are using the donuts as a motivator :)

Julie said...

We don't have a Dunkin Donuts where I live. I know how it is when you smell something so heavenly that is so bad for you:) Depending on the day, I a may or may not of caved:)

Funny about the baller conversation! One can never tell:)