Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another half marathon

So my friend Megan has talked me into another half marathon.  It is local and over Memorial Day Weekend.  Megan wanted to try a half before her birthday and I thought why not.  So Alexandria Half Marathon here we come!  That will give me a few weeks to actually train.  Which is more than I did for this last half.  And it sounds like it is not that big of a half marathon (which I love) and it is flat.  Good bye killer hill!  So last year around this time I had never ran a half marathon in my life.  I would never have thought I could run a half either.  Soon I will have  my third half marathon under my belt this year!  Wow!  Who would have thunk it.

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1 comment:

XLMIC said...

That is awesome! I hope the training and the race go great :)