Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Real Hot!

So Monday I had my Girls Run with Pride girls running the neighborhood.  It was really hot..high 80's.  Some did not do so well.  I had 2 that were really walking slow and not doing so much running.  I know they can either walk faster than what they are walking and run/jog more than they are jogging.  But on the whole they did a pretty good job.  Today we run again and I promised them some Popsicles.  Hopefully that gets them moving! :)

Run Club was last night.  It was a very hot and muggy run.  Happy hour after was great.  The stupid door guy was a jerk.  My friend Megan has been going to run club regularly every week, well this week she forgot her id and he wasn't going to let her in (and didn't at the beginning of the run).  Thankfully our favorite waitress got her in after the run was over.  She just had to promise not to serve her.  Then the door guy was complaining about all the water bottles we were bringing in.  Maybe we were bringing in vodka.  Yeah I run with vodka when the temps are in the 90's.  That's just how I roll.  He obviously needs to get a life. 

Well hope everyone has a great day!

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