Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cherry Blossom here I come

So I dropped my mom and step dad off in Baltimore to catch their ship headed south.  (What a nice daughter huh lol)  I'll then pick them up the day after my half marathon.  So now I think I am going to rest up for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile run tomorrow.  I stopped at Borders and picked up some reading material (but I am feeling very sleepy so we will see how much reading is done today)  Then I have a nice steak in the frig for and early dinner. 

I am a bit worried about the weather tomorrow morning.  I think the rain should not be a problem.  The problem is that I am not sure what exactly I should wear.  I have a fun homemade shirt to run in but it is short sleeved.  I don't really want to wear a long sleeve under my shirt b/c I get hot pretty quickly while I run.  But I don't want to be cold while running for most of the run either..what to do, what to do...I did buy a cheap champion jacket at Target (clearance 7.49..winning!)  and I bought a cheep long sleeved shirt for around the same price.  So I guess I have options.  But I don't want the jacket to cover up the back of my shirt.  Here is what the back reads: 

This year's shirt is black (well actually it worked out that everyone had whatever color shirt they felt like using..but we were supposed to get black)

This shirt was great!  Everyone thought is was funny.  People were giving me high fives and thumbs up during the entire run.  It really helped me this year why mess with a good shirt?  So I don't really want to block the back of the shirt.  I also bought some funky knee hi socks and might cut the foot part and make some super cheap arm sleeves that I can just discard as I start to warm up.  Well lots of options we will see what turns out to be the outfit :)

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!


~K~ said...

LOVE the facebook shirt!

Briana (AuD Runner) said...

Good luck tomorrow!!