Thursday, April 28, 2011


Went for a run around the neighborhood tonight.  I was going to go to the gym, but why do the treadmill when you can run outside!  So I went around the loop in the hood and my freakin' good foot started to hurt.  Now the loop has a downhill and obviously an uphill...not a lot of flat.  I stopped and did some stretching trying to stretch out the arch in my foot and my calf.  Please oh please do not let it be plantar fasciitis!  I had that last year in the other foot and it was horrible!  So I did two miles and then stopped at the house and picked up Riley and ran 2 more miles on some flat areas in the apartment complex next door.  The foot felt much better on the flat surface.  So I am hoping that stretching it a few times a day will help.  I have been noticing that my calf has been really tight lately,so I am guessing that didn't help the foot either.

On another note my pictures came back from Cherry Blossom.  I finally sucked it up and just bought the lot of them on a cd.  What a freakin' racket that is!  The shipping and handling was over 10 dollars!  Really you just burn the stupid pictures to a cd and mail them..not that hard.  Heck you could just email them to me and save postage too...but oh well, chalk it up to memories. 

Here are some of the pictures:

I was mocking the super happy girl that kept asking me in her cheerleader voice if I was going to run Cherry Blossom next year...Of course I am!!

Happy to be finished smile

Hey look at me!


Crystal said...

Great pics!!!

My foot has been hurting too. It's gotten better but i'm afraid it's pf too :(

Amy said...

Great pics! Hope the foot pain goes away - maybe try rolling on a tennis ball?

Robin said...

Great pix! I always look angry and like a man in my race pix. I never seem to see the camera in time to smile and wave!

Sorry about the foot pain :(

Running Librarian said...

Robin this is the first time I don't look like I am in pain. I have this horrible look on my face like I am running towards my death in all of my photos..these were the first ones that were half way decent.

Terzah said...

Hi Pam! I saw your comment on Miss Zippy's blog and was intrigued since I am a "running librarian" too (in my case a public librarian :^) ). Your race pics are good--I always look like I'm going to die in mine.