Monday, April 4, 2011

Cherry Blossom Race Recap

So if you couldn't figure it out from my lack of running posts, I didn't really train that well for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler this past weekend.  Three years ago I ran my first Cherry Blossom 10 miler (first 10 miler ever) and I ran 4 miles in training and then went out and ran 10 miles the day of...yeah I thought I was going to die.  Well fast forward to this year and you can add an extra mile to the 4 and you've got my longest run (and yes I know I have a half marathon next weekend!)  So I was a bit worried.  The only thing that helped was I had a really good 5 mile run earlier in the week and I at least was familiar with the race course.  Last year I had a pretty good training schedule and followed it and ran it in 2:05 (just call me speedy Gonzalez)  I was originally shooting for 2 hours or less...well with my fabulous training I think that goal was pretty much scrapped.  Now I am hoping to finish, not get picked up by the slow bus, not want to get picked up by the slow bus, and to run more than I walk. 

The morning of, I get up and everything seems to be going well.  I was a little stressed over the outfit.  I sweat a lot and hate to be hot when I run.  But I didn't want to be cold during most of the run either, so I settled on a cheap champion performance long sleeve under my t-shirt.  I figured it was cheap enough I could take it off and leave it behind if I really get hot.  It never came off, but the option was there.  My friend texts me as I head out the door and into DC to catch the metro that she missed her alarm and will probably be late so she will meet us at the race.  Not a good way to start the race for Megan.  So we all meet up at the metro (nobody is really late, shocker) and head off.  Then we end up in the longest portapotty line ever!  By the time we were done almost all the waves were through.  Kristen was running to the start as they were calling 2 mins left until the gates are! 

The beginning of the race was super packed.  I almost got a black eye from some lady who was throwing some mean elbows.  I was trying to think of what I did to her to make her want to give me a black eye. 

It slowly started to loosen up as we headed over the bridge towards Arlington.  I ran into my friend Grab at the first water stop.  So that was nice.  She is faster and has longer legs than I do, so I knew there was no keeping up with her.  I slowly hit the 5k and next thing you know I see the 5 mile mark.  Yeah half over!!  I hit 5 miles in 1 hour.  Hey if I keep the same pace up I can make my 2 hour goal! :)  I am feeling pretty good.  It is perfect weather for running...not too cold and not too hot.

Mile 4 or 5 the running juggler past me.  Really why do you have to mock me by juggling as you run.  I know you are such a good runner that you have to throw something else in there to make it more of a sport. grrr..either run or join a circus...but please don't do both.  I see the juggler every year at Cherry Blossom and I saw him at the RnR Philly Half marathon this past September....ugh stop the insanity!!  I also saw a guy around mile 9 who was jump roping as he ran...and not jump roping with the rope going forward, but with the rope going backward...again please do not mock us slow runners! 

I ended up running more than I did last year (just a bit slower)  I didn't make my 2:00 time but I did run it in 2:10 which is fine considering I didn't really train for the run.  I am sad I missed the guy who was giving away free beer and oreos somewhere between mile 7 and 8.  My friend Dennis went back for the beer after he figured he wasn't going to make his goal lol.. 

It was a great day..I did think I was going to be sick after the run as we were in the metro..but as normal once I got some food in me I was fine.  I just saw some of the pictures from the race and I might actually purchase a few...finally a picture that doesn't look completely horrid!! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time, and that's what it's about. Jugglers and jump ropers... interesting!

The Turtle said...

I would not have been happy about that mocking juggler either. I can't believe someone could run while juggling or jump roping - isn't running hard enough?

KT80 said...

You know, I always talk about the old guy who blows by me in the races and how demoralizing it is. Actually I think it's great, and motivating. Now, runers who are jump roping and runners who are juggling, THAT is just mean. I see no motivation in that.

Crystal said...

That's a great time! :) Congrats!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job! way to go!