Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flying Pirate 1/2 Marathon recap part 1

So Kristen and I headed down to OBX on Friday.  We figured we would enjoy a day off of work and then we could relax a day and then Saturday will be all about race prep.  Well we got there and found out we couldn't check in to the hotel so we decided to head over to the race expo.  When we get to the expo I couldn't beleive my eyes!  It was the smallest expo that I have ever seen!  It was at the Comfort Inn in Kitty Hawk and it was in a small room.  We got our bibs with our names on them and got a really cool pirate tech race shirt.  On the back it says "AARRGH we there yet?"  Yes!  I can feel this is going to be a great weekend!  They had some vendors there and I wanted a new 13.1 magnet for my car.  But the one person selling them didn't really have much to offer so I guess that will have to wait.  Then I decided to buy a hand held water bottle.  Best choice ever! 

The rest of Friday was eating and then sitting on the beach reading a book and enjoying the sound of the waves.  What a great Friday! 

Saturday started out very very cold.  Windy and cold.  I hope that it doesn't stick around until Sunday.  So we decide to drive the race course.  Map in hand we head out.  The beginning is not bad.  We are running through some neighborhoods.  Then we see some water on the sound side.  So far a pretty nice run.  I am a bit worried that there will be nobody to cheer us on, but that is not that big of a deal.  Then suddenly we end up on a road that turns into a dirt road...Kristen thinks we have made a wrong turn...but no...welcome to mile 10!

Yep..we might end up being killed and carted away by some beasts in the forest!  Ahhhhh!!!!

Well continue on down the road that-a-way! 

As we continue to go off roading we notice the lovely green swamps along the gravel and dirt road.  I forgot to get my typhoid and maleria shots, darn it!
As we continue on we notice some lovely signs.  Yeah they are trying to entertain us while we run the lovely woods. 

They had Outer Banks facts and even a stupid Knock Knock Joke!  I loved it!  I tried not to read the signs so I could be surprised the day of the race. 
Then towards the end of the dirt road there is a path that goes into the woods that goes straight up. 
Yep that is where the last 1/2 mile or so is to take place, straight up the woodchipped trail.  So I will be walking that portion for sure. 

We are done with our drive of the course and end up heading over to the largest sand dune on the east coast.  Jockey's Ridge here we come!
 When we get there I have to return to the car.  I didn't realize I was not allowed to bring my shotgun to a sand dune.  Great, I never get to carry my shot gun anywhere!

We end up walking up the dune and head over to the sound side.  Oh it was so windy and cold.  After trekking all over the dune we head back to the hotel and end up in the whirlpool to warm up.  Considering the whirlpool was steaming hot it didn't take long to warm up. 

Looks like we were all prepared for the race on Sunday.

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Amy said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! You've left me in suspense - I want to hear about the actual race!!