Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flat Whiticar

Last night I went to run club.  Great night as always.  It was the winter route so it was a tad bit longer 3.7 miles.  It was a bit cold at the beginning, but once I started running I warmed up quickly.  This really was one of the first colder runs.  I hate the first couple of colder type runs, I never know what to wear.  I started out with a hoodie, but ended up sweating, so tied it around the waist and ran in the short sleeved shirt. 

While at run club we found out our friend Whiticar's last run club will be next week. :(  We will miss Whiticar.  If it wasn't for volunteering at an endurance race, we wouldn't have met Whiticar and we wouldn't have made him come to run club.  The teachers (Becky, Megan and myself) have decided that we are going to make a flat Whiticar and write to Whiticar while he is in Iraq about Flat Whiticar's adventures.  We will take him on our runs and races.  During run club we can take him out and prop him up next to a beer and send Whiticar a picture of Flat Whiticar.  I think it could be very entertaining.  I mean really, what else is Whiticar going to have to entertain him in Iraq? 

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