Saturday, February 9, 2013

7 miles and I wasn't blown away

Well I have been on a tutu making frenzy!  I have one more to do and then I will be ready for tomorrow's birthday run with Love the Run You're With. Should be a great morning for a 5K.  Temps should be upper 30's to 40' can not complain about that in February.  Last year we were dodging ice on the run.  No worries about ice this year.

I went to pick up the packets this morning.  Looks like grey blankets are the swag. Much better than the brown blankets from last year.  Coming back I was going to meet Becky to run 6 miles.  I stopped at Panera  to have half a sandwich before heading out to run with her.

I met Becky and we headed off exploring a new neighborhood.  It was great.  Ok, maybe not great, great, but it was fun.  The wind was horrible.  At one point Becky asked if we were actually moving forward.  Luckily tomorrow we shouldn't have the wind.  We found a lovely small lake to run around and a dog that followed us part way.  He didn't seem to want to eat us, but rather say "hey keep going!" Lots to see and do! This was Becky's longest run ever!  So proud of her!  And because of her, I didn't back out of my run today.  Sometimes it really does help to make a running date with a friend.  I came home and took Riley for a mile run around the 'hood.  He loved it.  Then he realized it was my evil ploy to have the leash on him to walk him into the bathroom for a bath.  Riley was not so happy about that one!  But he got a mile run and I now have a clean dog..score for both of us!


Lauren said...


Eesh said...

Haha that wind must have been serious if she felt like you dolls weren't moving!

I'm loving that tutu! I'm getting ideas here hehehe.

Hope you had an awesome race today.


P.S Found you through Toronto Runner's blog. I'm certainly now a follower!