Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday Weekend.

So I didn't take many pictures this weekend..what a bad blogger!  I had a great birthday weekend.  I started it out with a 7 mile run with Becky.  She was amazed that she was able to run 7 miles (her longest run yet).  We headed over to the neighborhood that we have been running lately.  We found a new path to a new neighborhood so maybe next time we will do some different exploring.  After the cold run I headed home to shower and then wait for my parents to show up at my house.  Always nice to have the parents visit.  We had a nice weekend..went shopping and out for dinner.  I took them to the Marine Corps Museum and a Winery on Sunday.

Mom enjoying some of the timelines at the Marine Corps Museum.

After they left on Monday I headed over to my friend Karla's house.  She was having a happy hour for our friends Michelle and Bion who came in from Maine.  It was great seeing friends that I have not seen is a long time.  I spent a great night laughing and chatting with friends.  I think I may have done too much laughing, the next morning my back/shoulder muscle hurt (I think it was from the laughter).

Next up was run club.  Can you say more birthday celebrations?  Becky stopped off and picked up some yummy cupcakes.
It also was Eileen's birthday.  So more cake came into run club.   We had run club sing happy birthday to us.  Always fun!

I enjoyed my turtle cupcake!  Yummy!  We also might have split an apple pie cupcake (my favorite so far!)

It has been a great month of birthday love!  Now it looks like I have to keep running to burn off all of the goodies this month!

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