Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Got the shirt!

I finally got my new shirt for running 100 runs with run club!

Yeah for 100 runs!   

Tonight I was thinking of just lounging around the house after work.  I first needed to head to Walmart.  Umm just some advice, don't go there the day before Valentine's Day..I thought they were giving stuff away for the amount of people in the store.  And don't even think about going towards the area with the few chocolate hearts left in the store.  Just crazy!  So I was looking forward to heading home and just staying in tonight.(Walmart can do that to a girl)

Well looks like I am not able to stay in..I forgot dog food.  Riley would hate me if he had nothing to eat.  So back out to get some food for Riley.  Since I am leaving the nice warm house, I might as well head over to the gym.  I was trying to avoid the gym today...but I guess the universe didn't want me to skip a workout so I headed to the gym after errands.  I didn't do too much just the bike and trying to catch up with some reading while on the bike.  Friday I am going to try and squeeze in a run since my parents are coming to visit this weekend.

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Jennifer K. said...

Target was crazy crowded this afternoon too. I didn't even think about it being the day before Valentine's Day.