Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to tell you are getting older..

With my birthday come and gone its time to reflect on getting older.  If you can't tell I love my birthday! I have noticed that I've changed a bit as each birthday passes.  Here are some signs that I have noticed that I am getting older:

1.  Takes longer to recover from a night out.
Ahh I remember when I would head out drinking with friends and then have a few hours of sleep and head off to work.  That is not happening now!  If I have had a bit too much the night before I usually spend the day on the couch drinking water and wondering why I drank so much.  I much prefer the 10 minute headache and I'm off vs the I can't move or do anything feeling the next day.  I guess this is mother natures way of ensuring I do not go crazy with the drinking.

2.  Vitamins
When did my vitamins increase?  I used to just take a Flintstone vitamin.  Now I have allergy medicine, B complex, Magnesium, Multi and some other random stuff.  It takes me five minutes (or what seems like it) to take them all.  Next up I will be getting one of those lovely pill containers for each day of the week and I will spend my Sunday sorting them for each day of the week.  Ah the things to look forward to.

3.  Wrinkles and dry skin.

I now own night cream and multiple day cream and serums. When did this happen?  I do like getting facials which always helps with the dry skin in the I guess that is a plus.  When did I turn into my mother complaining about the heat in the house in the winter drying out my skin?  

4.  Pain in random parts of my body.  Last week I will swear I had some gout in my thumb.  Don't worry I googled it and figured that I was right and treated it with Ibuprofen and it was better pretty quickly.  This week my hip has been bothering me because of the change in temperature.  Yeah I am  only a few steps away from a walker..

5.  I want to curse out the cars that drive too fast in the neighborhood.  I'm out walking the dog and a car zooms past and I have the need to run after them and tell them they need to slow down there are kids in the neighborhood.  I do give them evil eyes, which really doesn't do much, but I try. At what age does other peoples driving start to make you mad?  I think this is something that has creeped up on me.  A few years ago I would just walk the dog without giving random evil eyes to visitors in the 'hood.   

6.  People Magazine.  When did I stop knowing who the people featured in People Magazine?  Some of the actors/singers/models I have never seen before.  Soon I will start to tell people about how I walked to school in 10 feet of school ...up hill...both ways.  Its just a matter of time.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend..I'm going to try and squeeze in a long run this weekend.


Anonymous said...

You're funny! You'll forever stay young...running will keep you young! Remember, we're running until we start winning our age groups. Think of the Old Red Man! He's always winning!

Running Librarian said...

I should have included the fact that I lust after an 80 year old man's age group award too!! lol

Jennifer K. said...

Hahahaha! With you on the street noise! I'd add not caring what you look like out in public. Remember when going out to the store involved full makeup and hair? Nowadays if I have to go out for one thing, a ponytail and clothing will suffice.

Sarah said...

This is hysterical! I notice myself doing and feeling ALL of these things! Lol We live on a one way with people going the wrong way a lot. Keeps me busy yelling at them!


Kim said...

Oh...this made me laugh!! The list keeps growing. 2 weeks ago at my yearly physical my DR was a little horrified by my lengthy list of issues!!
Good times!!