Friday, February 8, 2013

two hour delay

Haven't ran a bunch this week.  Looks like I am heading out with Becky tomorrow for a six miler.  This will be Becky's longest run to date I believe.  I may come back home and finish two more so I can get in 8.  We will see.  I'm hoping it is not super windy and cold tomorrow.  We are also heading to a new neighborhood to run.  Hopefully it is not super hilly and miserable. Sounds like there are a lot of hope in tomorrow's run.

I have been making my tutu's.  I made my with sparkly black and pink.  I am sort of hating the sparkly black, the glitter gets on everything and it is really stiff.  It is my birthday run, so I will wear the sparkly tutu, but note to self:  stay away from glitter tutu's.  I have two more tutu's to make before Sunday, which should be not problem.  They are not that hard to make.  I have been using safety pins.  Super easy to make!

Today we had a surprise 2 hour delay.  Why is it that the unexpected later starts just make your day that much better.  I do wish that I would have gotten up a bit earlier to squeeze in a workout, but that is ok.  I normally take Friday as a rest day.  I did have time to head to the bank and enjoy some Dunkin' Donut dark hot chocolate!  Yippy!  Why can't every day be a two hour delay?!


Lauren said...

I always get Dunkin on Fridays - makes my day :)

Anonymous said...

Two hour delay? Sleep, sleep, sleep! But if I know about it in advance, I will get a workout in!