Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boys and Girls Turkey Trot

This morning  I woke up to 30 degrees outside!!  Yikes that is cold!  First cold race of the season.  I watched the news and where the race is taking place it is 25 degrees outside..brrr... guess I get to wear a new long sleeved running shirt! 
 I found Megan at the race and Kristen was hanging in her car to avoid the cold. 
We picked up our bag/bib number and lovely orange pumpkin (turkey) shirt.  Everyone started to walk to the start line.  It looked like there were less people at this turkey trot than last year.  There were only 70 runners running.  Very small.  All of the money goes to support the local Boys and Girls Club so it is a great race to run.  Turns out that they are now able to offer 100 scholarships for membership to the Boys and Girls Club!  Wonderful!

There wasn't an official race start, just Glenn from the B&G yelling go!  And we were off.  The course wasn't that well marked.  Turns out that we ran down 3 cul de sacs and we should have only gone down the last one.  Oh well I guess they will mark them a bit better next year.  Then towards the end there is a back road/woods to run towards the B&G.  The sign was blown away so many people continued running straight and then turned around.  I did not, I saw everyone coming back (I guess that is a perk of running a bit slower than other people).  So I ran 3.6 and many others ran much more than that this morning.  I hope it doesn't mean that those people will not come back next year.  It is a very good organization to run for.

 After the race, Kristen and Megan enjoying some of the many food choices and waiting for the door prizes to be called!
 I had to change out of my sweaty 1/4 zip and into the ugly tech shirt from the Heritage Half!
All of the people waiting to see if they won their age group or a random door prize!
  We did not win any door prizes this year...maybe next year. :)  We headed over to Panera to have some breakfast and chat.  Great cold morning for a little longer than a 5k run!  On a side note, my foot is killing me after the run this morning.  Luckily I have a podiatrist appointment on Thursday!  I hope he fixes me up nicely.  I also have ordered new running shoes.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was an overall fun morning! Sorry about your foot though - that's a bummer. I battled feet issues for years until I changed my stride. Good luck at the podiatrist appointment Thursday and enjoy your new kicks!

Running Librarian said...

Thanks Kristina! It was a great morning. I'm going to take it easy this week and hope the doc can work wonders :) He did great with my right foot, so hope he does the same with the left.